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Local Arts Forums (LAFs) were initially set up in 2011 by the Arts Team at Birmingham City Council and are voluntary grassroots organisation dedicated to generating creative and cultural activities within the districts in which they operate for social purposes in conjunction with citizens. Leadership of LAFs is annually open to democratic competition not within the remit of No11 Arts. For this reason, LAFs rightly differ markedly in arts and cultural focus points, management structures, types of activities, and modes of operation.


No11 Arts recognises this position and respects LAFs as autonomous and independent reflections of their locational profile, the demographics of citizens with whom they work, and the skills, knowledge and experience of the people involved the LAF. Each LAF conducts its own business in its own way. No11 Arts is an informal ‘assembly’ of LAF lead persons: creative producers, project managers, artists, and educators and all embedded in their local communities.

Families gather around a blue tarpaulin which is covered in leaves, branches and greenery - in the NAF Shop, Northfield
An outdoor painted wall mural of colourful, geometric birds

Our Values

Inclusivity and diversity

All people should have the right to contribute to, take part in and receive the respect, resources, and platforms necessary for deep engagement, recognition and futures in the arts, history, and culture of their country. The representation of marginalised people matters to No11 Arts and we stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement in calling for an end to racist practices.

Community and cocreation

Collaboration lies at the core of No11 Arts and works in partnership with communities, artists, independent and mainstream cultural, third and public sector agencies to create cultural programmes, by and with people who experience societal exclusion, encouraging people to take an active part in the creation of their own cultural production. 

Artistic Excellence:

We create access to quality creative experiences that have exciting creative outcomes, meaning and resonance for the people with whom we work and their audiences. Our culturally diverse, arts-led practices are characterised by specialist knowledge, professional skills, and high quality cultural outcomes, relevant to contemporary audiences. 

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