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Arts in the Yard logo - their name in black with "yardley arts forum" in maroon just beneth on the background of a yellow circle

For over a decade Arts In The Yard have co-produced art and cultural initiatives alongside the communities of Yardley constituency.  We work with others to ensure the neighbourhoods of Acocks Green, Glebe Farm, Hay Mills, Sheldon, Small Heath, Stechford, Tyseley and Yardley are vibrant, inclusive and welcoming places.  

AITY are a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) governed by a board of trustees who, alongside varied professional roles, have experience as Yardley residents.  The delivery team for Arts In The Yard are made up of local residents who care deeply about their communities and those that live there.  

We work with residents and other local partners to deliver the following free programme, plus other ad hoc arts projects.

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These are regular events that you can get involved with!

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Sharon Galsinh

Sharon, a South East Asian woman with long black hair and glasses is smiling to the camera and holding up a mosaic of colourful pictures.

Kelly Towle

Kelly, a white woman with brown, ponytailed hair, is grinning and reach forward to adjust an artwork made up of colourful pompoms.

Nicola Toms

Nicola, a white woman with shoulder-length brown hair and a fringe, is leaning against a tree. She is wearing a blue button-up jumpsuit and large hoop earrings.

Sidra Irfan

Sidra, a South East Asian woman wearing a black hijab and a red dress, is holding a plastic wallet of flyers and smiling to the camera.

Estelle Dukes

Estelle, a white woman with white hair, is smiling warmly to the camera. There is the shadow of an artwork behind her and she is wearing a grey woolen cardigan and a black top

Mah Jabeen Bano

Bano, a South East Asian woman wearing a pinkish beige patterned dress, is smiling to camera and clasping her wrist in her hand.

Ambreen Riaz

Ambreen, wearing a checkered hijab, is painting the cut-off top of a water bottle with a face full of concentration.

Fiona Carr

Fiona, a white woman with shoulder length dark hair, is leaning over a table and gesticulating passionately, her face mid-speech and happy. Two elderly woman sit either side of her.
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