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Erdington Arts Forum logo: A purple butterfly beside text. Text reads: "Active Arts Erdington Arts Forum, over 20 years of community arts

North Birmingham is more than just a dormitory for the South: we have artists, musicians, poets, dramatists. Thanks to the Arts Forum, we have venues and platforms to express this, and YOU can be involved.
Check out all our events, including our famous "Evenings of Creativity", open mic, debates, crafts fayre. Keep a close eye, or enquire to see what's coming up!


This is open forum for everyone and anyone involved in the arts or the community in the Erdington constituency of Birmingham.

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A collage of black and white images of artists in action - lots of them, too many to dsecribe! Amongst them are poets and musicians. In the centre, a purple circle reads "Evening of Creativity, Oikos Cafe, Birmingham, Tickets available online and on the door, booking ahead advised.

Click here to learn how you can get involved with this event!

Musician, composer, and arranger Jobe Sullivan has been coordinating the Erdington Arts Forum for 6 years with a team of brilliant artists and volunteers. 

Jobe, a white man with ginger hair, a moustache and a small goatee, smiles to the camera. He is wearing a white shirt and leaning over a soundesk, behind a microphone.

Jobe Sullivan

Arts Forum Connector

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