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No.11 Arts: Networking Event

On October 4th, Number 11 Arts will be hosting a networking event for artist, arts organisations and community organisations at Midlands Arts Centre. This will be an opportunity to meet your Local Arts Forum, find out what they are up to and potentially explore future collaboration activities! 

"If all buses were art buses, I would feel happy!" Participant

Reads: Number 11 Arts presents 10 to 11. Number 11 Arts logo is in place of its name and there is a bus on top of a location symbol. The background is yellow and fusia.
Flowers and a rainbow on aa bus window. Through the window, the sky is grey above white and brown ro
Yellow writing, blue musical notes and a red ladybird drawn in marker on a bus window. The sky throu
A bus driver draws on his window whilst at the wheel (the bus is stationary)
"Arts Bus" is written in red on a bus window, surrounded by green prints of leaves and yellow flower
Red writing on a bus window reading "If all buses were Art busses we would all be happy" with a red
Eleven colourfully-dressed people stand watching one person in a wood clearing. There are wooden fra
Two pairs of young hands work on a large piece of brown paper. One is painting in yellow, the others
A child wearing a blazer draws in yellow on a bus window.
Children working on and holding up cardboard creations. An adult in the foreground is holding up her
The inside of an empty bus with yellow and red bunting - the flags read "10" and "11" alternatively
A teenager draws on a bus window from the inside - there are already leaf prints and a butterfly dra
A large roll of black paper rolled across a long table is covered in bright neon drawings, inspired
Two blackboards lean up against hay bales outside of a tent. One is square, the other is doughnut-sh
Two musicians and a singer perform on stage. The singer is wearing a brightly coloured striped top.
A parade of drummers and fan dancers around Edgbaston Reservoir. The drummers are all wearing green
A woman in a pink top is being filmed outside a tipi-stle tent around Edgbaston Reservoir. Both the
A procession of people in white gather in a large curved line out the front of tipi-style events ten
A white banner reading "Birmingham Settlement" is attached to a wire fence. Through the entrance on

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